National Database Registration Authority (NADRA)

The Challenge

When the Federal Interior Ministry of Pakistan decided in principle that Pakistan’s passport would be a Machine Readable Passport developed by NADRA in 2004, some vested interest started planting negative stories about NADRA’s systems and the national database. The result was a very negative press which was badly hampering NADRA’s image in the media and public.

The Strategy

To rescue NADRA from getting hammered by the bad press, The Passage planned to counter the negative campaign by giving briefings to media men about the project, clarification of misconceptions, etc especially engaging the press from smaller cities. Our aggressive approach in this campaign remained well-defined; we kept on highlighting the importance and benefits of MRP to the country and NADRA’s strength and capability in such projects.

The Execution

With continuous feeding of stories on developments and not holding back any info from the journalists, we succeeded in not only rebuilding but also enhancing NADRA’s credibility and reputation in the media which eventually enabled NADRA to win the project. The government ultimately had to implement it without any further delay.

Saleem Mahmood
Chief Executive

Saleem Mahmood, founder and CEO of “The Passage,” has a passion for strategic PR and communications. His journey began as a public relations officer at Pakistan International Airlines, leading him to establish The Passage in 2000. Under his leadership, the company has executed thriving PR campaigns and set industry standards. Mr. Mahmood holds a Master’s degree in International Relations from Karachi University.