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Discover The Passage, your trusted PR partner in Pakistan. With a strong track record since 2000, we excel in PR and Media strategy, delivering unique, goal-oriented solutions. Our commitment to excellence and success has earned us a reputation as a reliable and innovative industry leader. Join us to experience our dedication to your success!

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What We Offer

Strategic Communications

Achieve organizational objectives through multidisciplinary strategic communications drawing from PR, marketing, advertising, and management expertise.

Reputation Management

Proactively build and maintain a positive image for your organization and brand.

Policy Advocacy

Partner with us for unmatched expertise in successful advocacy campaigns benefiting both clients and national interests.

Digital PR

Leverage our experience in integrated 360-degree campaigns and influencer management for effective digital PR and media outreach.

Media Management

Make informed choices in an evolving media landscape with over two decades of media management experience.

Crisis Management

Trust our proven track record in crisis management, proactive strategy development, and customized crisis solutions.

Media Monitoring & Analytics

Stay ahead with media trends and intelligence. Our dedicated team provides customized reports for conventional and digital media insights.

Media Training

Equip your team for effective interaction with the media. We offer in-house and outsourced media training facilities.

Our Recent Work

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Saleem Mahmood
Chief Executive

Saleem Mahmood, founder and CEO of “The Passage,” has a passion for strategic PR and communications. His journey began as a public relations officer at Pakistan International Airlines, leading him to establish The Passage in 2000. Under his leadership, the company has executed thriving PR campaigns and set industry standards. Mr. Mahmood holds a Master’s degree in International Relations from Karachi University.