Minister of Maritime Affairs Highlights Economic Opportunities with Arrival of World’s Largest Vessel at Hutchison Ports Pakistan

Karachi, May 31: The arrival of one of the world’s largest vessels at Hutchison Ports Pakistan has opened a whole world of opportunities for businesses in Pakistan. This was stated by the Minister of Maritime Affairs, Mr. Qaiser Ahmed Sheikh, during a commemorative event marking the arrival of the 400-meter-long container vessel, MSC ANNA, at Hutchison Ports Pakistan, the country’s only deep-water terminal.

Mr. Sheikh emphasized that with a fresh wave of interest from investors in Saudi Arabia, UAE, China, and other countries, there is a significant opportunity to revive the economy. He urged all stakeholders to make concerted efforts to enhance exports and significantly boost government revenue through increased port activities and trade.

This influx of larger vessels underscores the terminal’s pivotal role in not only strengthening Pakistan’s position in global trade but also in contributing to the nation’s economic growth.

Chairman KPT, Mr. Syedain Raza Zaidi, highlighted that the MSC ANNA is the largest ship to berth at Karachi port. “It underscores KPT’s reputation as a leading port in Pakistan and the region and also demonstrates the port’s capacity and regional importance,” he said.

Mr. Zaidi further noted that the port of Karachi has the full potential to become the transshipment hub of the region, and the arrival of such large vessels will increase traffic at Pakistan’s ports. He mentioned that KPT, received 2 Billion PKR in revenue previously, but this year’s revenue is expected to be 10 Billion PKR. “The arrival of this ship not only showcases our capability to handle such large vessels but also signifies the importance of Karachi Port in the region,” he added.

Earlier, CS Kim, CEO of Hutchison Ports Pakistan, welcomed the guests at the event. He stated that the arrival of MSC ANNA at Hutchison Ports Pakistan is not just a milestone for the terminal but a significant achievement for the entire nation, showcasing the capacity to handle large container ships with matchless efficiency. “This milestone affirms Hutchison Ports Pakistan’s commitment to the development of Pakistan’s sea trade,” he said.

With an overall length of 400 meters, MSC ANNA exemplifies the scale of operations that Hutchison Ports Pakistan can smoothly provide. “As the country’s only deep-water container terminal, our state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure allow us to seamlessly accommodate and serve vessels of this magnitude, reinforcing our position as a leader in Pakistan’s maritime industry,” said CEO Kim. He thanked his team, the Karachi Port Trust, Government of Sindh, Minister of Maritime Affairs and his ministry, Pakistan Customs and Customs Collectorates, HPP’s partner MSC, and its local team for their trust and collaboration.

At the end of the event, CEO Kim presented shields to Federal Minister of Maritime Affairs Qaiser Ahmed Sheikh, Governor of Sindh Kamran Tessori, and Chairman KPT Syedain Raza Zaidi.

Saleem Mahmood
Chief Executive

Saleem Mahmood, founder and CEO of “The Passage,” has a passion for strategic PR and communications. His journey began as a public relations officer at Pakistan International Airlines, leading him to establish The Passage in 2000. Under his leadership, the company has executed thriving PR campaigns and set industry standards. Mr. Mahmood holds a Master’s degree in International Relations from Karachi University.